Why Lumix da don will remain the Greatest Uganda’s rapper of all time

There is no doubt that Lumix da don was the most controversial uganda’s rapper of all time. There’s also no doubt that he was one of the best free style artists of all time. But what about the title that he is most often associated with? Many young people refer to Lumix as The Greatest Northern rapper of All Time, in regards to his career in rap music. How accurate is this title, and how did it come about? I’ll explain exactly why he deserves that title and why so many people hold Lumix in such high respects.

1-Technically and flow-wise, he was above average. His lyrics were good. In terms of emotion, passion, listen-ability, voice/presence, conviction, and beat synergy, he reached incredible heights as a rapper.

2-versatile.At first glance, Lumix may not seem very versatile to a person who has only heard Lumix’s battle rap “Hit the exit”. But you should never judge a book by it’s cover, because da don was one of the most versatile rappers in the industry. If you trace his career back to his song Kayenge, or even before that,or when he was performing on stage in 2011 during hipipo award,you will notice how many different rap styles The way ma x actually had.When you listen to his Songs like History,Hit the exit,Try,You will realised Lumix was a true master of the flow”. He seemed to easily juggle all the different types of flow and touch on just about every topic a young urban man might experience in their lives.

3-Consistency.Lumix was versatile, but remained consistent in his overall mission or objective, if there was one. He never flip-flopped or recorded songs for commercial sales. While I’m sure he loved the success he was just enjoying.

4-I consider him the best. Not for his technical skills (although they were superb), but for his raw sense of emotion, passion and resonance he displays in his lyrics and mic presence. And yeah, the majority of his backing production was great.

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