Wiya Nono music video cost me 7millions UGX–Pato LoverBoy

2020 the year of distaster in the music industry where most of the entertainers are facing financial shortage but from One step founder and the CEO of backup record Pato LoverBoy is going in the opposite way.

It’s seems 2020 is his year, from setting a music recording studio worth over 50millionUgx to shooting music video of 7millionsUgx.this show the growth in his financial graph.

According to Pato, the Wiya nono music video cost him 7millionsUgx to finalize it and the video scenes is short in 4 Districts,Kabale,Jinja, Kampala and Entebbe.

“Wiya Nono music visual is out now Rast,it cost me over 7millions to do it” … Said Pato LoverBoy.

Watch Wiya Nono music video below,share and comments.