Ziza Bafana brother ‘Aziz’ in tears after being dumped by 70 year old lover Mona-Lisa

Once beaten twice shy. Mona-Lisa Larsson, the old mama who has been making headlines for dating a man 51 years younger than her, has dumped him. This followed a tip off from one of the friends that told the old mama what her lover was telling journalists, that he was doing this for money and not love. “I’m not serious, me I just want money and I can’t leave my girlfriend Rita.”

Lisa is the old Mama who took singer Guvnor Ace, 30, with her after their wedding in Kampala, but when they got to Sweden, he disappeared on the streets and never to return.

There was a lesson to learn from that experience, but Mona-Lissa thought Ace was one of those bad apples, she gave love a second try and this time hooking herself a 19-year-old lad. Days into their relationship, the results have been frustrating

Initially, all was going well as the two spent quality time at Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga, but the moment they came to let the world know they were an item, one thing led to the other and the couple is no more.

Aziz Maganda aka Aziz Magically is now in tears after being dumped. A few days back, the young man was all excited saying it’s his turn to go to Sweden, but his remarks have reversed all this. Lisa called her booking agent to cancel the airticket immediately and all hopes of making out with his granny lover in Sweden dashed.

Aziz had earlier tried services of herbalist Mama Phiina to make his relationship with Lisa last, but that has also not paid off, the Mzungu is done with these Ugandan lads for not having ‘lomance’ at all. Matters were made worse when Aziz’s girlfriend was sending the old mama death threats if she did not leave him.

Guvnor was smart, there were no threats like these, instead, his Norway based lover used the Mzungu for Guvnor Ace to get to Europe before disappearing, but Aziz was left at Entebbe airport crying like a baby.

Source Ugandaonline.net