4 things you should Never do before sex

Arguments are a normal part of a relationship, but arguing before sex only dampens the experience and interferes with a good time during sex.

2.   Be Under Stress

If you are under too much stress, this can interfere with having a good sex life. You can suffer from performance anxiety or even erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing too much stress, try using a foot massage, a back massage, or do a few minutes of meditation.

3.   Take Peppermint

Even though you won’t want to have bad breath during sex, you should not take peppermint before having sex. Peppermint contains menthol, which can cause a drop in testosterone, so your sex drive can suffer. Use a good mouthwash, instead.

4. Using Food as Foreplay

The chocolate sauce pre-game show is hot in the moment, but the post-sex yeast infection? Not so much. “Using anything with sugar in it as a lubricant (whether on purpose or not) can cause a yeast infection, as yeast thrives on sugar,” says Boling. Message received loud and clear!