I was not introduced by Tempra Omona in the music industry-Jahria Okwera

Recently music veteran,Jahria Okwera cleared out the air that he wasn’t introduced in the music industry by legend Tempra Omona.

“Many of you think or have always known that Tempra Omona was the first person to introduce me in the music industry;
Well, he wasn’t. (No beef just speaking the truth).
Here is the first guy who introduced me in this game, Akiiki Romeo(formerly of KADS Band and was working as a producer in Capital Fm but currently working with internews and living in Monrovia, Liberia). A very nice guy to work with and trust me, you can always confide in him. I was introduced to him by another nice guy called William Odoch who was working in marketing department, Capital Fm way back in 2001.
He offered me all sorts of advices and even introduced me to Hemdee(owner of No End Records and son to Halima Namakula).
I was staying along Tufnell Drive next to Akibua’s place and No End was just a stone throw away.
I only ended up with Tempra because my sponsor preferred to work with him and in 2002, Tempra took me to Kasiwukira studios and introduced me to Kenneth Lubwama(Ken the Legend) who was then the manager and in-house producer of Kasiwukira but Ken opted to take me to BK Studios(where Tempra produced his hit song Nen Awene) along Entebbe Road which is owned by Joe Tabula where I did my fisrt single called Baba Apenyi
The rest is history…however I’ll write and post that history here.
Thanks”….Jahria Okwera

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