Judaz RapKnowledge Express Disappointment Over The Uganda Music Awards [TUMA] 2017 Results

Rapper Judaz RapKnowledge have expressed his disappointment at the results of the recently concluded The Uganda Music Awards [TUMA] 2017.
The 2017 TUMA Awards took place last weekend, and the night’s big winner for the very category which Judaz RapKnowledge was nominated for hence, Best Regional Artist Northern was unleashed as MC Wang Jok of Team Pine Avenue5 which doubles as the Best Music Group in Uganda. While most of the winners were accepted by the category competitors, some weren’t particularly happy at the results.
Over at his facebook timeline, Judaz RapKnowledge one of the nominees for Best Regional Artist Northern expressed his disappointment at what appeared to be a bias towards artists with very little money, such as how rapper MC Wang Jok was in the Top while other notable artists such as Judaz RapKnowledge, Smokie Allan, Gbara Spoken, Laxzy & Blamo.
Even though MC Wang Jok managed to win an award at the event, and how how he, Judaz RapKnowledge failed to make it at the top this year 2017 to warrant them not only coming out to this ceremony but even receiving an award? And why were they given such a poor voting platform? And it’s weird that some believes Judaz Rapknowledgew could probably be the winner.
Rumours has it that TUMA was definitely biased towards the poor artists with no proper management.
Judaz RapKnowledge on his facebook timeline said “Money Speak louder than talents”
“This is the right time to say thanks to people who have been supporting me
U know how hard it is too penetrate this northern industry without a promoter, manager or a Record label who can splash money on u like some people… But my name still sounds louder than them in many
Ways.. So fake people who don’t understand should stop comparing me to them am a solo artist gangsta hip-hop rapper……. Real fans of oldskool hiphop knows what am talking about …. So this time money speak louder than talent….respect to @Allan smokie… A soldier in a same struggle…. Valley curve till I die…”, Judaz RapKnowledge posted.