Promoter Abel Mubarak gaining financially after opening a fashion shop in Kampala capital.

A good friend once told me sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward.

That’s exactly what some famous, successful people did when they filed for bankruptcy. And most made it back to solvency.

Some even went well beyond their previous levels of wealth and fame after filing for bankruptcy.

In fact, for most it ended up being little more than a bump in the road of an otherwise successful life.

The point of this article isn’t to recommend bankruptcy. But it is to show experiencing financial disaster isn’t terminal ! We all need to know this.

Once a well known & wealthy Northern Uganda Music Promoter Abel Mubarak who totally went broke for the passed 12 months is trying to shows his haters that he can still make it in life.

Last Thursday 28 January,Abel officially opened his first fashion shop in Ndeba Kampala capital after a long of financial droughts in his life.A shop dealing in only men’s ware.

Speaking to one of our reporter,Abel Mubarak confirmed to Northern Buzz that he is rapidly recovering from financial disaster.

“Am some how and out of depression,this is the year I will put my focus in investing like I started… Am also planning to start the shop branch in Gulu.”….. Promoter Abel Mubarak

Abel is currently working as Voltage music side manager.

Inside Abel fashion shop